Why Nuwaupians Must Be In the GOD Image For Mortals

06/13/2011 15:01

I realize that as a student of the great Tum, that imagery in the eyes of mortals are everything. What we Nuwaupians look like counts more than doctrine. WHY???

Let's analyze what our father, MALACHI KOBINA YORKS' image means to us. I imagined him in a dingy suit and so-so clothes, not his usual elaborate clothing.  The question put to me by him [MKY] was , WOULD YOU HAVE COME TO ME TO LEARN RIGHT KNOWLEDGE LOOKING LIKE THIS???  I honestly answered no. SO HE SAID, WHY WOULD YOU EXPECT MORTALS TO COME TO YOU?


My reflection of Nuwaupu was not that of our Master Teacher, but that of a mortal. When mortals don't see God in you, they wont follow you.  Now the flip side is, even though OUR FATHER is the best of examples, mortals rejected him anyway. Is it useless being slaves of Paa Nazdaru???  No, the image [positive] is for the lost souls finding their way home through you. Letting mortals find their happiness through our example.  I see the light through Nuwaupian love. NUWAUPU, NUWAUPU, NUWAUPU!