Why do We Need a Master Teacher?

02/24/2011 07:32

When I was young like so many other young black males,  I saw there were choices.  Many of these choices fit into the grooves of carefully selected stereotypes.  You have seen the messages they send thru the Television (tell-lies-visually) on the videos, the sit-coms and the commercials,  not to mention the many other influences.  I, not knowing, began to walk that path.  They make it so we think all we can be is what they portray for us to be, and like so many other young males of African heritage, I thought I fit those roles.

If not for the Supreme Grand Hierophant Rev. Dr. Malachi K. York 33o/720o,  I may have been forever trapped in those roles.  Instead thru the many things being taught in over 500 books, many classes captured on audio and video, and a community of like minded students of Dr. York,  I  am  in my own mind,  have back my own culture, and I am learning my own language

Many times now when confronted with the problems of day to day life,  I can respond with sound right reasoning.   I know I speak on behalf of many others when I say , We are eternally indebted to the Master Teacher Rev. Dr. Malachi K. York and its just a blessing to have been able to learn from such a supreme being! 

Sekhu Atum - Re