When Did The Conflict Start Between The Nuwaupians And Sheriff Sills?

02/03/2011 03:01
That is a question to which no one seems to have an exact time and date answer. In all accounts, it seems to have started at the time the Nuwaupians started to construct the replica of the Giza Plateau in Cairo, Egypt on their land that was called Tama-RE, Egypt of the West. This replica was complete with pyramids, statues of the great Egyptian deities, and different sites that were used for ceremonies to give reverence to most high deity, RE. I must say after hearing all the hype and visiting the property then owned by a group of members of the Nuwaupians, I was quite impressed by the beauty and peacefulness of it. I think that is why the question was posed to me after a friend rode by the now deserted land at 404 Shady Dale Road, Eatonton, GA, that was once home to the Nuwaupians. How did they get from that point to now, having that beautiful, peaceful land full of happy children running around playing and people reading books, enjoying the scenery, to not having it and their leader Rev. Dr. Malachi K. York, serving a bogus life sentence for crimes that were proven in court he did not commit? After talking to many members of the organization, many interesting points were brought up that should be shared with the public, since they clearly did not get a fair shake in the media coverage. 
Strangely enough, at first arrival, there was no friction between the Nuwaupians and the people of Eatonton, Ga. Shall we consider, when the Nuwaupians came to this small town in the heart of middle Georgia, they were wearing western clothes, complete with cowboy hats and boots? They even had shows on their land with Country and Western Singers, the whole nine yards, so to speak. It has to be considered that being it  is widely accepted that cowboys are Caucasian, the people of Eatonton were more accepting of them, even though they are Negroids. I think now is a good time to mention that Blacks in America were the first cowboys. When breaking horses and bulls was a means of transportation and turning water wheels, etc, someone had to do it. Enter the Black men in America, who were already called boy. These Black "cow" "boys" were tied to bulls and horses until they were broken and this often led to broken legs. We must realize that all in America, Caucasoids and Negroids alike have been seduced by the spell of Hollywood, with John Wayne, and Gene Autry and the likes. This is not to say that there were no Caucasian Cowboys, it's just to say that the first were indeed Black men in America. Just as with Charlton Heston and Elizabeth Taylor playing Moses and Cleopatra, true history proves they were Negroids.
So as stated earlier, the friction must have been sometime after the Nuwaupians started to build the Egyptian styled replica, which brought thousands to their land. It should be duly noted here that as people came down Highway 441, they often stopped at Tama-RE and did not go into the town of Eatonton. This is of importance because the town of  Eatonton did not stand to make any kind of profit from people who often planned their summer vacation to coincide with the annual St. John Festival, that was held at the end of every June. Now, let's make it known that Putnam County was in the beginning stages of a 20 year plan of economic growth. This was to include expanding the airport and upgrading  Highway 16 which connects to Highway 142, to get more tourism into Putnam County on into neighboring Greene County and Reynolds Plantation. This where the problem came in. Highway 142 passed by Tama-RE, so this would have been the first thing people would have seen on their way in and without a doubt would have stopped and spent some of their tourism dollars.
It is easily recognized that after the Nuwaupians started to add more and more sites to their property is when they began to receive building and zoning violations and citations. Oddly enough, it seemed quite strange how something as minuscule as a zoning infraction could end up on the front page of local newspapers unless there was an organized plan to begin a smear campaign against the organization. The group had a dance and social club called the Rameses Social Club where they would have parties of good clean fun with out alcohol and fights causing law enforcement to have to be called out every weekend as would be the case with many night clubs. It would seem that any sheriff would be happy to have such a place in their jurisdiction, not Sheriff Sills of Putnam County, Ga. At times Sheriff Sills would come out, not the building inspector, but the sheriff himself, doing the job of the building inspector and padlock buildings on the land and tell the Nuwaupians they couldn't get the permits to enter the buildings until they were up to code. Do you see the trick? How can you fix the violations if the door to the building HAS HIS PADLOCK ON IT?
On May 7, 1998, in one of Sheriff Sills' famous shows of abuse of power and waste of tax payer dollars, he came out to the Nuwaupian property with 17 squad cars to put a padlock on ONE DOOR of the Rameses Social Club. He even celebrated his victory in the Macon Telegraph, May 7, 1998 A.D. Article "Sheriff Padlocks Putnam Group's Dance Club."  In commemoration of Adolf Hitler's birthday, on April 20, 1998, Sills came out to padlock the door of Rameses Social Club, without the 17 squad cars as he would do two weeks later. True to form, to celebrate Adolf Hitler's birthday on April 20, 1999, under the guise of an inspection, Sills, along with building inspector Jerome "Dizzy" Adams, and his personal "yes man," Deputy Noell Lee Wilson, came with a video recorder and filmed on private property. Many people may not know this is against the law. This was decided in a Supreme Court decision Hanlon Vs. Berger 97-1997.
One more thing that seemed quite strange. During an inspection by State Fire Marshall John Yearwood, on March 27, 1998 A.D., the Nuwaupians were sited for 19 VIOLATIONS. In article in the Eatonton Messenger, " Nuwaubians In Court Again," by Rufus Adair, dated June 3, 1999 A.D., on May 14, 1999 A.D., after a bogus inspection by Sheriff Howard Sills and Jerome D. Adams the group had another clutch of 19 CITATIONS. And this time the amended citation included 19 DEFENDANTS. HOW IS THAT FOR A TRI-INCIDENT????
Atun Sen Goreg
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