Poem by a Nuwaupian: We Will See

05/21/2011 16:39

I have been on a long walk in a hard struggle and so have you
Does that make us different or does it make us the same yet two
Our third eye open and seeking yet to still obtain our freedom
Freedom from society as it is, freedom to go to our mother land
Freedom to live as original woman and man
Seperate but together walking hand in hand
Spreading what our Father taught us to others
Yet one day to see the shores of our new land
Man and Woman as it was meant to be
Freedom truly liberty living amongst our own
Nysut and Nysuttet from first to last as it is now
Free, Free, Free
One day we will see and be in the land of our ancestors
Living, for, of and by each other
We will be as it should be amonst our tribe in the land of our free
By: En-Khat Nefer Re