Nuwaupian Princess

02/22/2011 01:35

Dear Readers,
I am apart the tribe or nation called Nuwaupians and also an Ontologist.  A Nuwaupian is a person who study Wu-Nuwaupu, also know as Ontology.  Ontology is scientific facts.  As a Nuwaupian I have learned the importance of learning "mystory".  I learned that none my history books tell me about "mystory".  If you were to ask anybody about your own story they will not be able to tell you about it.  If you ask a white person (because they are the people that took us out of our homeland) mystory or ourstory they will say i or we have no story.  Dr. Malachi Kobina York taught us not to judge people by how they act or look.  It is about what is on the inside.  You are not supposed to look at the outside in but the inside out.  What if you marry somebody who is handsome or beautiful but is stupid or dumb, your children might come out cute but stupid.
Done by:
Yamartet Sia Nafurtet Ptah Re
AKA Laylu Pinder
P.S. I am 12.