My Personal Relationship with Paa Munzal Nazdar Amun Nabab Rayay Akh Ptah (Djedtwy) aka Rev. Dr. Malachi Kobina York

02/14/2011 21:24

“We Give Thanks Oh Master Nazdaru Almighty”


 I will begin by saying that many words can be said about our beloved savior and Father; however there are no words that can truly capture the total essence of this master of all masters. As I write this small article on my beloved Father, it only describes a small portion of our relationship.


I first met Paa Munzal Nazdar Amun Nabab Rayay Akh Ptah, also known as Rev. Dr. Malachi Kobina York, at a class being taught in Dallas, Texas by some of his students, both male and female. I first thought of these students as a bunch of kooks who had simply had one too many to drink. I did listen to what they had to say and I continued to come back to class for over the next 3 months, totally convinced that I was the one who had rode the short bus! The year was 1995.


That particular year and the next few years to follow was some of the fastest growing years for the Nuwaupian family.  I soon traveled to a small unheard of town called Eatonton, Georgia to join in on an event given every year called “Saviors Day”.  Thousands upon thousands from all over the world traveled to the sacred land called “Tama Re”, each hoping to get a glimpse of our Master Teacher and perhaps to receive some jewels from him as well.  He walked down the aisle near the drum stand as he was speaking once, and put out his hand to people.  I put my hand out to him and he grabbed it.  Needless to say, I thought I was all that.


One year, we had a gathering on the land where all were eating and drinking health drinks at Ramses Social Hall.  The Master Teacher came out and began to talk to us and give us all souvenirs, which included necklaces and beads to carry home.  I received my set of beads and was very happy that I had attended.


The next time I actually encountered the Master Teacher was when I was painting the deities on Tama Re.  He stopped to look at the way I was painting them and told me I was doing an outstanding job.  From that point on, the Master Teacher told me I could paint the deities all the time.  Yes, you are right, I did feel special.


Soon after that we were sitting in a class in which the Master Teacher was speaking.  He asked if anyone wanted to teach Sunday school, and quite naturally I waved my hand in the air frantically, trusting he would call on me.  Of course he did and I arrived for my new position as a Sunday school teacher the following Sunday.  Working with him and the children was quite a spiritual experience.  He had the answers to everything they asked and the way he would give the answers was just phenomenal.  I had made him a gift and had the pleasure of giving it to him after a Sunday school class.  He accepted it and said he was going to put it on his desk.  I was honored, and I made me feel very good inside.


Throughout the years, I have had many experiences with Paa Munzal Nazdar Amun Nabab Rayay Akh Ptah (Djedtwy).  They are endless, even now my experiences continue with him.  As far as his influence on my life, he has brought me back to life, for I was truly dead, mentally and physically.  I know for a fact he is the most powerful and influential being that is on this planet, no doubt about it.  He has greatly impacted the lives of millions in this world, by causing them to think on an entirely different level he speaks only the truth and has no fault in him. He is a husband, a father, a brother, a guide, a leader, a speaker, a motivator, a master teacher, a scientist, an alchemist, a writer, the master recorder, a master builder, an Ontologist, a liberator, a reformer, the savior of the lost, a master of linguistics, keeper of all sacred knowledge, and he is then which is now. The list is endless, and anyone who comes into contact with the Master Teacher or in his presence will know that he is special, and that he is the most influential being on this planet right now.  My personal relationship with him, well, most of that is being kept in my chamber, but trust me when I say it is beyond imagination.


This is how the master teacher, Paa Munzal Nazdar Amun Nabab Rayay Akh Ptah (Djedtwy) has influenced my life.


Qamamtet: Nun.Tet Nafur.Tet Sent Amun.Tet Paa Wahan