My Experiences as a Nuwaupian

03/13/2011 19:00


Greetings.  My name is Brian Holloway.  I am a Nuwaupian.  I am 33 years of age, a father of four, a husband of nine years, and currently am employed as a college physics instructor.  I first came in contact with Nuwaupu and the Master Teacher, Dr. Malachi K. York when I was in the 10th grade in 1993. I read a book authored by the Master Teacher entitled “The Final Messenger, Christ The Final Word”.  That book served as a catalyst for a big change in my life.  There were questions posed in the book that I had never thought about, and explanations of biblical events that seemed to contradict the Christianity I was told about. 


One of the master teacher’s most famous sayings is “Don’t believe me, check it out”, and I was one of those people who did not believe him.  At one point I was on a personal mission to prove to myself that I had not been lied to and fooled by religious men, and tried my very best to prove Dr. York wrong.  Again and again, the more I tried to find something incorrect the more I found that the Master Teacher, Dr. Malachi K. York, was indeed correct. I began to read more and more books written by the Master Teacher and eventually realized that his teachings of Nuwaupu were benevolent and if put into practice would change my life and those around me for the better. 


I first met him in June of 1995 at Savior’s Day in Eatonton Ga.  My first impression is my last impression.  I remember his sense of urgency in his message of waking ourselves up from a sleep state where we ignore the facts and reject our own, and yet a sense of calm and his genuine smile.  When I was in my second year of undergraduate school, I planned to drop out and Dr. York heard of my plan and told me face-to-face to stay in school and get a good education.  Though, I did not listen to his wise advice at the time, I did return to school and finished my undergraduate education and now have two graduate degrees. 


Dr. York has taught me many principles that I apply in my day to day life like: always finish what you start, acknowledge the people that help you along the way because no one achieves success by him or herself, to appreciate the small things in life, and to just genuinely care for my people and humanity in general.


I have learned from, talked with, laughed with, and played basketball with this wonderful being.  I know his character is beyond reproach.  He has been accused of heinous crimes that do not match the character of the one I know as Dr. Malachi K. York.  I know he is innocent and that he will be free and the world made to see the gift we have in his presence and in the legacy that he has left.

Brian Holloway