I Support the Innocence of H.E. Malachi Kobina York

02/08/2011 23:17

I, Chakir O'Neal AKA Khemi Apep Ankh Ra support the innocence of  H.E. Malachi Kobina York, because there are no facts or evidence to prove otherwise. The whole case is based on hearsay and this hearsay has made this whole case nothing more than a legalized lynching. Briefly during 1993 and 1994 I lived in the community in Macon, GA with 2 of the people that were involved in the plot to incarcerate H.E. Malachi Kobina York. Their names are Karima Hamilton and Lemuel Larouche. Their fathers were not living with them at the time. I witnessed their longing for both of their fathers to be around them and to be more involved in their lives. Especially Lemuel Larouche who would show me pictures of his father William Taylor AKA Abi Yahya (Peace and blessings be upon him).


He would speak of his father with such admiration that I could not wait to meet this man which I did a few years later when he just walked up to me at a flea market and started speaking  to me as if he already knew me. So now looking back it is easy to see how Lemuel Larouche and Karima Hamilton's deep down anger and resenment at their own parents for not being around them more was taken out on H.E. Malachi Kobina York an innocent man, all for the love of money.


I only witnessed part of his trial and the part I did witness was bogus. I watched as so called witnesses for prosecution put their foot in their mouths. One witness claimed she was molested, but couldn't give a specific date as to when this supposedly happened when asked. And this was after she had signed an affidavit stating that she looked at H.E. Malachi Kobina York as a father figure. It was doubts such as this in the case that should have raised red flags for this case to be thrown out, because as the saying goes "when in doubt, throw it out". For a person to be convicted on hearsay is the same thing that is happening in this New World Order when people who are so called terrorists and enemy combatants can be convicted  and/or executed based only on hearsay with no evidence to back it up.

H.E. Malachi Kobina York taught us all about the New World Order which phonetically can be called the New World Hors D'oeuvre, because the forces in power now plan on serving each one of us up as appetizers. They have taken the head temporarily. Now they want the body to fall which will never happen. It is time, time for us to get the head out, so that we can get ahead!


Chakir O'Neal AKA Khemi Apep Ankh Ra