Dr. York, Touching Lives for His Entire Life

02/16/2011 20:39

If I may, I would like to share a personal experience (one of several) I had since encountering H.E. Malachi Kobina York©™ 33º/720°. My hope is to give the reader an idea of what type of person he is:


“When I first moved to Georgia, while living in Milledgeville… I had several opportunities to help with the building of our land TAMA-RE “Egypt of the West”. When I began to see the “vision” I wanted nothing more than to live there, build there, and just be there. I wrote constant letters expressing how much more I wanted to help and how badly I wanted to move there. No response. Then on one Wednesday we were having classes in RAMESES Social Club taught by the Master Teacher H.E. Malachi Kobina York©™ 33º/720°. Now mind you, I noticed a pattern appeared to form when it came to the Master Teacher’s methodology in teaching class every week.


He ALWAYS came down the center aisle when introduced. You could set a sundial by it, except on this particular day. I was sitting on the edge of the left aisle and for some reason he came down the left aisle this time. I was looking in the other direction as everyone was clapping and yelling expecting him to come down the center as usual but I didn’t see him. Then I felt a slight but noticeable pat on my back. I turn to my left and there he is casually walking past me with his hand on my back and a slight smile. I smiled back and watched as he passed by and didn’t see him touch anyone else. He went up on stage and his message that day was how we all need each other, and how we all must help each other.


Something happened that day…as lowly a state as I was in at the time and thinking that he was ignoring me, wondering if he got any of the letters, his very touch reassured me as if to say “I do see you”. For a time I wondered if he deliberately came down that aisle on that day when I just happened to be sitting in that seat just to make contact with me, (The answer to ALL those letters, all my questions in a single touch). I leaned upright in my seat proud that the Master Teacher had touched me as he has so many others. I can’t explain how just hearing words of encouragement, whether verbally or by letter or even on tape from him changes you. You feel like you can accomplish anything around him.


Words cannot express the power in his handshake, the sincerity in his smile, his magnetic energy, the inspiration in his advice. I know others have had even more personal and life changing contact with this being, H.E. Malachi Kobina York©™ 33º/720° and while to some my experience relayed here may seem insignificant, it meant more to me than anyone (except he and I) will ever know. How truly lucky we are to have him with us in this day and time. And to think…he’s only been touching our lives for his entire life!


Robert Spight