A Valuable Learning Encounter with Paa Munzal (aka Malachi York)

03/15/2011 04:20

I would just like to say some words from my heart about our Master Teacher Paa Munzal Nazdar: Amun Nabab Rayay Akh Ptah (Djedtwy). Also if you don’t mind, I would also like to give an encounter that I had with him.  I learned from this encounter and I hope you will too.

I feel very fortunate and blessed to have been able to be around, work, play, learn, be challenged and even be disciplined by the Master Teacher, Rev. Dr. Malachi Kobina York.

I give credit for my character and the type of person that I am, to Pops. And when I think about my times around him, it still amazes me how simple a being he is.

All you have to be, when you’re around him is…yourself. That’s all. However it’s not just a matter of being yourself, you must be someone who is willing to grow. Because when you’re willing to grow, you are willing to be tried and tested.

One example is…Back in Brooklyn, in the Community, I worked in the Computer room. One day Doc, with several brothers behind him, quickly came in and walked around the room putting a black dot on some of the sister’s foreheads - 3rd eye region. He did not say anything, and he did not put a black dot on EVERYONE’S forehead. He only put a dot on a few of the sisters heads and I was one of them J. After he did this, he and the brothers quickly left the room.  (Side note: that is how Paa Munzal moves-- very quick – one moment you see him, the next moment, you don’t.) We all sat there, looking at each other, some of us WITH dots on our foreheads and some WITHOUT. I’m sure you all can imagine what was going through our heads – curiosity, admiration, ego, jealousy, etc.

A few minutes later, the call to prayer came on. That meant it was time to wash for prayer.  So I went to the bathroom sink to wash for prayer, after that, I made my prayer and then went back to my desk to resume work. I STILL had the black dot on my forehead.

After everyone had finished making prayer and was back at their desks, Doc and the brothers quickly came back in and walked around the room. Doc was pointing at sisters, saying, “YOU NASTY!”, “YOU NASTY!” etc. and when he got to me, he pointed and said, “YOU NASTY!”. Of course, I was quite SHOCKED and EMBARRASSED and my ego was severely deflated.  To me, that “YOU NASTY” sounded like it echoed all through the building. I suddenly felt silly.

You see what had happened was…when I went to wash for prayer; I made sure that I DID NOT touch that revered black dot on my forehead. However, the lesson was, that I was SUPPOSE to wash it off!

So after that embarrassing situation, I promptly (and stealthily) went to the bathroom to wash the black dot off. To my surprise, as soon as the water touched the dot, it disappeared! I just stood there shaking my head at myself.  It took no effort to wash the dot off.

I learned that day that being special isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. You can be special in one minute and stupid in the next--Just that quick.

The motto: Just be yourself.

Qamumtet: Ptah Warut Hutiptet